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Hello everyone.


I think it would be nice of me to at least make a small introduction about myself.


My name is Yoirgl. I’m a Belgian developer and game designer.
I’ve been longing to work on an ambitious mmo project ever since I learned how to code. In this blog, I’ll relate that process, my successes, my failures and everything that makes the weekly life of an ambitious young dev chewing a very very big piece.
I’m a realist. I know an indie dev deciding to go for something of this magnitude has a good chances to encounter some extremely hard difficulties.

The goal

However I think it’s worth a try not only because Rhyen is a really cool idea (I think so at least – I hope you too 😉 ) but also because as a big fan of VR, mmo is a style absent of VR and I’m personally tired to play games that are very intense but also very short. I’m taking a big bet by starting this project : I’m betting than in 5 to 10 years, VR will take a central place in video games future. This is something that struck me during a hackathon in brussels, where one of the participants brought an Oculus developement kit 1 (DK1). I tried a very shaky port of wolfenstein3D in VR and the only thing that came trough my mind was :
“This is the future of gaming”.
Since then, Oculus released the CV1 and we already can guess 4K models are on the pipeline. I believe (as do many experts) that VR will grow significantly and will bring some amazing piece of tech, with variable focal distances, increased field of view and increased resolutions, VR will start to really trick the mind into believing in another reality. The holodeck of star trek that was only just a myth 10 years ago is getting very very much alive.
I don’t know about you guys, but I do want to be part of that future. This is where Rhyen comes in. With this game I want to push the limits of the mmo genre to VR, show that different gameplays are possible, show the VR can be immensely impressive in all the good ways.

You and me

Well, that’s for the dream anyway. Now back to reality where I quickly noticed a very obvious fact : I NEED HELP.
Indie devs who code their game from A to Z including sounds, graphics, code, social media, etc have my utmost respect. I will not pretend to be as able as they are. But I do believe a game is only worth releasing if created by a dedicated team of passionate people.
Let me take Peter Jackson as an example : If you saw all the behind the scenes documentary, including the long version ones of the collector edition like I did, something is quite striking : He’s not a so exceptional director. The movies he directed before the lord of the rings were not that good. But the strength of Peter Jackson is that he can gather the right people at the right jobs to build together something truly amazing.
I do believe a game is built the same way as a movie. And I hope I get lucky enough to meet those right people at the right time.
This is also why I’m counting on YOU, dear reader, if you want to be part of an ambitious project and want to help or know someone who would, reach out to me and we’ll create something worth remembering.


That’s it for today. I’ve got NPC navigation to code.   In case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.