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Hey everyone,

It’s time for me to keep you updated with the current progress of the project.
As you may already know, we are currently working on the prototype of the game to get crowdfunding started and get people’s attention.

Among the steps already implemented :

-Server – Client basic networking
-Automatic login system using oculus ID
-Automatic avatar using oculus avatar
-Movement for players (teleportation)
-original spell casting system – hand-drawn spells analyse system
-Networked spell casting with 3 demo spells (arcane ball, fire blast & self-heal)
-Attack, damage, death & respawn logic for npc and players
-partial NPC movement and pathing
-basic demo npc animations.
-health information system (health globe) – not yet networked

On the immediate TODO list :

-get SOE (search-engine-optimization) working properly)
-find an Illustrator for the visual aspect of the game
-network the health globe visual
-improve npc movement & basic npc movement animation
-improve spell timing
-implement new spells including if possible an interrupt, protection shield and a ranged aoe spell.

On the not so immediate TODO list :

-implement original inventory system (not saying more – wait and see! It’ll be epic ! ).
-implement different spell casting systems (staff, wand, etc.)
-improve spells & teleport graphics
-find a 3D modeler to build Illustration into a 3D model
-find animator(s)
-get a demo quest up and running.
-analyse open world server architecture and feasibility with Unity
-secure a robust dedicated server infrastructure.
-(optional – under discussion ) create a bullet-train-like demo to release on the store
-get crowdfunding video ready, prepare the rewards for donating, get the crowdfunding started.

On the long-term TODO list :

-work on scenarios + main characters.
-create the final map
-create zones and stories + quests
-prepare end-game content
-prepare PVP system and leveling PVP ranks.
– hire partners.
and much more….OH yeah :

-release the game, make money and plan for Rhyen 2 

I hope this make the project status a bit clearer for you 🙂
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll keep you guys informed as often as I can.
Cheers !