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Hey everyone.

Throwing a blog into the wind without explaining a minimum what it’s all about wouldn’t be fair so here goes..
The obvious question is ‘What is Rhyen ?”
Barbaric answer ?  : a VR spellcasting MMORPG.
For the uninitiated : it means a Virtual reality game using the Oculus Rift and other VR(virtual reality) headsets to immerse players in a multiplayer universe where wizards exist.
And the whole point of this game is that you do not play a wizard, you ARE the wizard. you throw spells with your own hands, To cast spells, your own motor skills are needed.
This seems blurry ? don’t worry here’s a short vid to explain it :

So you will be able to explore the world, learn spells and group with friends to battle the mysteries of Rhyen,

Follow up on the blog to know more about development process, You’ll know al about it very soon.