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Hello everyone.

“Graphics don’t matter.” You’ve all heard the phrase and I’ll give it to you point-blank : i disagree !
I disagree but I do not place it at the very top. To me, games are like movies. to make a good game you need two things :
A good scenario and… a GOOD scenario. Then comes gameplay then comes graphics. In my opinion graphics, alike soundtracks and sound effect are there for one real purpose : create feelings. With good graphics you can immerse players into a whole universe, you can scare them, make them happy, sad, excited.

Graphics hidden purpose ?

I said one “real” purpose. This is because graphics also have a hidden purpose, a much more down-to-earth one. It’s also there to make your game visually appealing and sell it more.  A beautiful gameplay video will always interest players more than games who have great ideas but look dreadful. This is why with Rhyen I try to make a bit of both. I’ll try to make it look beautiful while still being new from a gameplay point of view.

What to start with ?

I wanted to talk to you a bit about a game’s aesthetics.One of the question you ask yourself quite early in a game development process is : “How the hell is it going to look like ?”. While in fact the only question when creating a game from scratch actually is : “How the hell do I WANT it to look like?”. This choice can have a huge impact in the development process.

You can opt for a cubic minecraft-like environment. Or you can go for cartoonish design. Or even go full force into abstract looks like Superhot. Or even create your own.   For Rhyen I have had a pretty good idea of what i wanted as I’ve been a long-time fan of the Lord of the rings movies, Skyrim and Witcher 3 games. The realistic look and feel of it seems to me both the best visually speaking but also the most immersive as we’re talking about VR here.

How to show it to everyone if you can’t draw ?

This is where my hunt for an artist started. I had a good idea of what i wanted my world to look like. But I then needed to find an artist that could translate what swirls into my mind into an illustration of what I’m trying to bring to you. And out of the blue I met Gard online, a very talented young artist from Norway. We discussed it and I explained to him my vision of the world, the scenario, the global feelings and asked him if he could translate that into an Image that i could show you guys.

I think his drawing is worth a thousand words :

Rhyen graphics

Rhyen : first look at graphics and visual identity

With this first illustration, he captured perfectly what I wanted to express. You will soon be able to know more about the world and the powers at play.  You can see more of his talent on his personal page.  I’ll be posting progress on game design as often as possible,  taking great care of not spoiling anything of the story in the process 😉

In a next blog post, I’ll try to keep you updated on the scenario progress if and when i find a way to talk about it without spoiling the story.

Until then, cheers and thanks for reading !